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Affordable, High-Value Video Content that Connects While there are plenty of “video production” companies out there, there are few with as much experience,
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Affordable, High-Value Video Content that Connects

While there are plenty of video production companies out there, we believe what sets us apart is  our experience  and  our high level of commitment to client success. Sure, we’ve held executive positions with the likes of NBC and the BBC; our client list is a who’s who of the technology, bio-medical, health & lifestyles markets; but we are also a scrappy start-up. We  understand the value of a buck; of giving it that extra bit of effort you only get with hands-on ownership, and the level of creativity that’s needed to achieve that wow factor.

Great Video Starts with Collaboration & Planning

Talk is cheap – So let’s start there. Before a single frame is shot, we talk about your message, goals, and success metrics – Then we work together to get you where you want to go. Pro Media Edge can help you identify assets already available to your organization. Not just media assets, but experts and thought leaders within your company who we’ll help transform into engaging on-camera spokespeople.

We are faced with a mind-boggling array of communication channels these days – devices, platforms, and formats. Let’s plan for all of them from the start.

We Like To
Start Small


At PME we think of video as modular—individual short elements that can be delivered in a steady stream over your social channels. Share on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to drive consistent brand awareness and SEO.  Strung together these elements can be embedded in a sales presentation, set to music for a trade show reel, or pulled together into a longer format for your web site or other long form needs.

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Some Recent Work

  • Kikkoman JuicyBird Spot
    Kikkoman JuicyBird Spot

    Broadcast spot for NBC. Kikkoman saw over 30% increase in sales in November/December 2013 directly related to placement.

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  • Natera Training Video – Genetics
    Natera Training Video – Genetics

    The first in a series or videos for expectant parents that shows how Natera Panorama non-invasive prenatal testing can provide early indication of chromosomal abnormalities.

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  • Design standards
    Design standards

    A video set to music celebrating Rockwall Wines and the culture of urban wine making in the bay area.

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